We’re passionate about the future of food.


We're founded on a passion to provide Canadians with year-round access to fresh, safe and sustainable food, grown right in your community.

We're driven to do so by being committed to our communities and being transparent about how we grow… because we know where your food comes from matters to you.


We choose to grow in every community because we believe in placing roots where we're planted – doing our part to contribute to the local economy and community wellbeing.

This allows us to work alongside our neighbours, local governments and schools to raise awareness and support for healthy, nutritious food choices, and support local charities with a percentage of our produce.


It’s not just all about local - we want to make the world a better place too. To do so, we use vertical farming technology to produce 3 - 4 times more food with 95 percent less water than traditional soil crops. This allows us to feed our growing communities without using constantly decreasing arable land.

Additionally, the use of data analytics and our hyper-local model allows us to reduce carbon emissions from transportation, use 100% plastic-free, certified compostable packaging and grow to demand in order to reduce food waste.


We’re committed to full transparency so you know exactly where your food comes from and how it’s grown. Our mobile app allows you to scan a QR code on the label to find out every detail about your greens, from when it was seeded to when it was harvested and packed and how far it travelled to your store shelf. You can also see what’s growing on for yourself by visiting your local farm during open visit days.