Rooted in Community & Innovation

Strong roots allow us to grow. Our advisory board and leadership team is comprised of passionate experts who have achieved success in several industries. Our broader stakeholders have been involved with international organizations committed to global sustainability and social change in numerous countries.

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Our Community Work

In addition to providing a safe, quality product to local stores, My Local Leaf is proud to support our community in other tangible ways.

Year-round, we donate 5 percent of our indoor, vertically farmed, produce to local stakeholders and not-for-profit organizations, so that they have access to safe, nutritious food. In addition, our Barrie facility staff created and operates The Janice Laking Community Garden, working alongside passionate community volunteers. This 15,000 SqFt outdoor garden, located in the lot behind the vertical farm, allows community volunteers and stakeholders to grow produce, free of charge, for various charities and those in need in the city. These actions help draw attention to the issue of food insecurity in our own communities and provides a tangible impact via the large volume of fresh food produced each spring, summer and fall.