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Nurtured right in ‘your backyard’, our vertically farmed produce is safely grown, harvested by hand and on shelf at local grocery store locations in less than 48 hours after being harvested, making it the freshest and most nutritious produce in the store. Super delicious, it’s also pesticide / herbicide free and non-GMO.


Kale leaf above the bowl, to the left
Adds a peppery, spicy bite to your dishes that is getting the attention of food lovers and Chefs alike. Our leaves are larger than ‘typical’ Arugula, responding to our precise growing environment and packing more flavour. Commonly used raw as a salad, or as a topping on pizzas, sandwiches or steak, or even to add a bold kick to pesto.


Kale leaf above the bowl, to the left
Experience a fragrant bold punch of flavour grown without pesticides or herbicides. Our basil leaves can grow whimsically large while packing a big flavour and delicate texture.

Butter Lettuce

Kale leaf above the bowl, to the left
Sweet and delicate leaves with a creamy texture. The round shape makes it a great choice for burgers and can even be used as a vessel for tacos and wraps.


Kale leaf above the bowl, to the left
Get tender, hearty leaves without bitterness or thick stems. Try our delicately crisp Kale raw or cooked, in salads, smoothies, as a warm dish, or blended how you like.


Kale leaf above the bowl, to the left
Crisp leaves with a succulent and tender stem unlike the typical larger varieties. Our Romaine is of the Breen varietal that produces brilliant purple-red exterior color with an interior green color that grows in a perfect heart shape. It’s crisp texture and unique flavour needs to be tried over the typical Romaine you find in store. It is still perfect for use in a classic Caesar salad, or inside sandwiches and wraps.

Spring Mix

Kale leaf above the bowl, to the left
A refreshing, easy to eat mix of greens with different flavours and textures. It's very versatile, used for a range of different salads, wraps or included within warm dishes.
All My Local Leaf produce is 100% locally grown. Our vertical farms use 0% pesticides, herbicides and GMOs. Packaged in 100% plastic free, certified compostable clamshells – dispose using your composter or check with your municipality local green bin procedures.

At Select Locations

Ask for it at your local store.

We're changing the game when it comes to nutritious, delicious produce for you and your family. Safe, environmentally-conscious and grown locally to allow it to be on shelf in 24 - 48 hours of being harvested with full traceability on-package from seed-shelf. The future of food is here.

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